SEH French has a huge breadth of knowledge and experience in delivering high-quality projects for the public service sector. Our previous work in this field has included the construction of new fire stations and education centres. 

It is imperative that buildings constructed for public services are built on-time, on-budget and with the needs of the end user at the forefront of all operations. These buildings must be safe, durable and allow public services to carry out their work efficiently. 

It is this need for such a high standard of quality and efficiency that has led to SEH French being trusted for numerous public service builds in recent years. Our in-house expertise allows us to deliver multi-purpose buildings that meet specific client needs. 

Our projects in the public service sector include work for local authorities and emergency services.  

Our developments in the sector include new fire stations in Burwell and Leiston, as well as comprehensive on-site training facilities. The team have also been part of projects to provide modern office spaces for local councils and ensuring listed buildings are protected through refurbishment and renovation works. 

Construction in the public service sector often priorities sustainability. At SEH French, we mirror this approach and adopt a proactive attitude to environmental issues, remaining aware of our effects on the environment and balancing these with our business aims. 

Multiple SEH French project have received BREEAM ratings for sustainability. Among those is the exhibition centre at Longstanton which was rated excellent and also received the Green Apple award.  

Whatever the size of the project or the budget, SEH French ensures its projects are delivered with the utmost quality. The team is expertly positioned to deliver industry-leading and sustainable buildings for the public service sector.  

If you are interested in how SEH French can support your project, get in touch with the team.