SEH French is well-aware of the role we play in delivering projects in the community and healthcare sectors.

Whether it is refurbishing a hospital, improving a community hall, or building a place of religious worship. Our extensive knowledge and experience ensure the finished result is of the highest quality. You can find out more about our work in these sectors below.

The quality of the UK’s healthcare is something to be proud of. When delivering any project, it is important to keep disruption to a minimum. However, reducing disruption is even more paramount in a healthcare environment.

Healthcare professionals work tirelessly for us and our loved ones, so it is only right we work tirelessly for them.

SEH French has carried out a number of projects within the sector. From mental health wards, hospitals, care homes, specialist care homes to doctor surgeries. In any environment, health and safety is always a core consideration.

Throughout most of our projects in the healthcare sector, facilities have remained in use. To keep disruption to a minimum, we ensure works are planned in advance and a definitive and detailed programme is agreed with the occupier and client. We also maintain daily communication and host regular meetings to provide updates on progression.

In any environment, it is important to be adaptable to overcome any obstacles. When it comes to healthcare, this is a given. If necessary, we adjust our construction methods to ensure the vital work of health professionals can continue. It is paramount staff can continue their work, so we do all we can to reduce disruption.

SEH French is conscious of our role in providing benefits to each community we serve. We take great pride in providing people with something new or improving something existing. Our work includes constructing new places of worship for numerous religions. This is an incredibly important part of each community and one we take great pride to be a part of.

The places of worship we build consist of bright, airy and simplistic spaces to assist with mindful and concentrated worship. These spaces are delivered with the practical needs of end users considered throughout the entire process. Often, they also act community spaces, so we ensure our constructions remain tranquil while also able to host and cater to large groups of people.

We aim to provide benefits for the public while keeping disruption to a minimum with each project we deliver. It’s important to understand the community we work in during every project, so we ensure we do what’s right by them. We work closely with those affected by our activities and aim to make positive contributions to the local community.

From constructing new state-of-the-art buildings, extensions or refurbishing existing facilities to meet modern day requirements. Examples of SEH French’s versatility and quality are endless. If you want to find out how we could help you, then get in touch via the contact us page.