SEH French has a wealth of experience delivering complete construction projects for commercial purposes. Our projects have ranged from multi-storey offices to training centres, all of which are constructed with a constant consideration of the client’s peak operational potential. 

Our understanding of the varying needs of businesses within different sectors has been nourished by work for clients with different priorities, resulting in projects that have delivered contemporary urban offices as well as commercial adaptations of heritage sites. 

Buildings used for commercial purposes must be an appealing place for employees to work and for clients and stakeholders to visit. They must also be conducive to high performance while offering the means and capacity for expansion and adaptation. Our team work closely with clients during the construction process to allow their commercial goals to shape the finer details of the building’s functionality. 

Our portfolio of work for the commercial sector is vast. SEH French has proudly constructed the UK headquarters of one of the largest international shipping companies, as well as the regional office for a UK Top 50 law firm. In addition to providing brand new buildings designed from the ground up, we have also provided extensions to listed buildings while ensuring its original design was maintained.  

Often, commercial projects are situated in bustling and built-up areas which are home to many other businesses. So, it is important we ensure disruption is kept to a minimum. Through detailed planning and communication, we ensure companies can continue their work without issue throughout the entire process. 

Whatever a business’ values, processes or aims, SEH French is dedicated to delivering commercial construction projects that allow businesses to take their operational performance to new heights. We understand the importance of the role quality buildings and spaces play in the operations of businesses. If you want to find out how SEH French can support your project, get in touch with the team.