SEH French Construction has gathered great experience and a vast understanding of construction for residential purposes. Our projects, ranging from individual dream homes to entire estates of properties, are carried out specifically to meet the needs of the intended residents.

Our work within the residential sector has taken place in the form of residential housing for the elderly, conversions of Grade II listed buildings and as affordable new-build homes. We build homes that consider the living requirements, budget and ableness of residents, seeking to make a difference within communities with homes that add genuine value to their areas.

Where buildings in sectors used by the public may be used sporadically or less rigorously, many parts of a home are used daily and thus require thorough and careful installation. Our team work closely with clients to guarantee the durability of the homes we construct without affecting the final experience of end users.

Our previous work includes the construction of 27 new dwellings for over 50s in Haverhill. Featuring a green roof system, the design was made up of a three-storey apartment block, two two-storey apartment blocks and an array of bungalows. We installed a pedestrian and vehicular bridge for ease of access and our work created a communal area for residents.

We also completed the construction of five affordable homes in Hollesley, Suffolk, in 2020. Working to a timescale of 28 weeks, we carefully created a functional, durable and neutral interior for families to make their own and enjoy for many years to come.

Conversely, catering for the requirements of one family only, our work at Ridley House in Felixstowe led to truly stunning results. Steeped in history, we worked closely with the family and architect to make changes to the home that complemented its heritage while adding functionality and protection for generations to come.

However many residents are intended for a home, and whatever their living requirements may be, SEH French Construction is committed to delivering high-quality homes on time and on budget to contribute to the nation’s push for housing that makes a true difference to people’s lives.