In May 2023, SEH French completed works on a housing development in Cockfield, Suffolk.  

The project was delivered on behalf of Orwell Housing Association and involved a combination of affordable and private homes.  

It was delivered in three full phases, with works getting underway from February 2020.

Cockfield: Phase 1 

The initial phase of the Cockfield development involved the construction of 12 affordable houses and flats. We also built six shared ownership dwellings, so people could get on the property ladder.  

Phase 1A of the project saw the team construct three modern bungalows. 

Cockfield: Phase 2  

In April 2021, the team began works on the second phase which involved 11 new private dwellings for the open market.  

Construction on phase 2 was completed in May 2022. 

Cockfield: Phase 3 

Soon after the completion of the previous stage, the third phase of works began. Phase 3 involved the construction of 13 homes for the open market and was completed in May 2023.  

The entire development consists of a variation of detached, semi-detached and terraced properties, as well as bungalows and flats. That combination, alongside the dozen homes designated for affordable housing, is helping address the housing need in the area by providing properties to suit the needs of individuals and families. 

The properties were designed by Rees Pryer Architects, with structural engineering by Canhams and quantity surveying by Hyams QS Ltd. 

Simon Girling, Director of SEH French, said: “It’s been a privilege to work alongside Orwell Housing Association to provide much needed housing to the Cockfield area.  

“By supporting the provision of both affordable homes and private homes, we have created a modern and attractive place for individuals and families to live in a beautiful part of the county.  

“Good quality homes are essential for every community, and we’d like to thank Orwell Housing Association for the opportunity to deliver them to the local area.” 

If you are interested in SEH French’s services, don’t hesitate to get in touch.  

Phase 2 photos and drone footage by Paul Nixon Photography