SEH French Construction has extensive knowledge and experience in completing construction projects within the sport and leisure sector. Our projects, ranging from new builds to refurbishments, have created inspiring spaces such as changing rooms, dance studios, sports courts and communal areas that meet the needs of clubs and communities.

We create spaces for sport and leisure that consider the specific requirements of end users. For example, we create spaces that utilise efficient lighting, heating and ventilation systems to allow them to adapt to the changing conditions often required for high-intensity sports.

We also ensure that our finishes are durable and timeless to create attractive spaces for community engagement that can withstand constant usage from large groups of people. These spaces are designed to be versatile and multi-functional to cater to a multitude of different activities.

Our previous work in the sport and leisure sector includes the construction of a new sports and social facility for Hamptons Sport and Leisure in Chelmsford, taking a sympathetic approach to construction in a residential area to produce a stunning new building for its local community.

In another potentially complex operation, SEH French constructed an all-new sports pavilion and refurbished existing changing rooms at Chesterton Community College in Cambridgeshire. The changing room remodelling involved accommodating a new sauna facility within the sports centre. This project was completed while the sports centre was still open, requiring us to maintain a close and considered working relationship with centre staff and co-ordinating with other works that were taking place in the centre.

Our approach to projects within the sport and leisure sector is as active as its end users. Our fluidity and willingness to adapt to any budget or deadline allows us to deliver efficient projects that make a genuine difference to local communities.