Global Intergenerational Week

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Global Intergenerational Week

Our employees are at the heart of SEH French, and they each provide the company with individuality and exceptional skills. Not only that, but we are proudly an intergenerational team – one which shares knowledge and learns from each other. To mark Global Intergenerational Week,  Director Simon Girling looks at the benefits of having an multi-generational company. 

The SEH French team comprises people of varying ages, from people with years of construction experience to those completing apprenticeships. Each and every team member is valued, and all play an important role in delivering the excellent service we are known for.  

Our industry is full of fantastic opportunities and provides people with skills to use at home. Its ability to attract people of all ages ensures the industry remains fresh and ahead of the curve. Construction has always been a sector built on age-diverse workforces – and that’s something we’ve continued to promote at SEH French. 

Not only is our team diverse in age, but we also have family members working together. 

Senior Site Manager David Bloomfield, 54, has more than 35 years’ construction experience under his belt and joined SEH French in 2016. He has been an integral part in the completion of many projects, coordinating workforces on-site and ensuring programmes are met. Additionally, he acts as the first point of call to clients and the public, and also ensures the health and safety of everyone on-site. 

David has helped welcome new people to company, providing training and sharing his years of expertise far and wide. And he’s even welcomed his son to the team!  

23-year-old Dylan joined SEH French in January 2022. His dad’s enjoyment for his own role saw him encourage Dylan and his brother to find site-based work. However, site work never interested Dylan, but the numerous opportunities available in the industry meant he found the right role for him. Since joining us as Trainee Buyer, splitting his time working hard in the office and at Suffolk New College, his career has flourished. 

Dylan is vital to the procurement of materials for projects – which we know has been tricky in recent years! He’s incredibly keen to learn more about the trade and he’s quick to learn too! While he’s mostly office-based, Dylan visits sites to get a feel for each project. When on site, he can build his knowledge of the trade by talking to the team, and they’re always happy to help.  

Life is busy at SEH French, so David and Dylan have only crossed paths once on the field. However, our staff socials always provide the opportunity for them to get together – even if Dylan finds his dad embarrassing on the whisky!  

We are proud of the environment we’ve built at SEH French. While we are involved in projects both small and large, we have maintained a local and welcoming feel. And it’s something our team, including David and Dylan, have enjoyed about working here.  

The entire team is exceptionally skilled and, thanks to our intergenerational environment, those skills are shared far and wide. There is always the opportunity to grow within the company, and it’s thanks to the experience we all have. 

While we don’t currently have any vacancies, keep an eye on our careers page or send us a CV if you’re interested in joining the team.